Sunday, 16 October 2016

the surprise post!

well well, the right time came, and I'm so excated about this!
You don't know yet but now you will know that from the october 18th to the october 28th I'll write daily blogs!
And there is a reason for that, wait for it.
I know that I said in the last posts that I'm very busy with school and everything, but, this is not gonna be regular posts.
In this time I'll be on family vacation in LONDON.
I'm super excated and nervous!
 And I'm hope I suffice to write all this blogs but anyway the trip is going to be amazing.
I know it because I will be in many cool and interesting places and attractions, for example- warnner bros. studio tour (harry potter tour), the musical 'wicked' and many other sites.
I'll post where we been, what we did and my impression.
See ya' tomorow! I guess...

Thursday, 6 October 2016

I had the worst day ever

Do you know the feeling when something really sad happened and all you wanna do is just talk about it with your best friend/ mom?

Today I really wanted to talk about it with my best friend, and it could be perfect if I had one, but I don't. I tried to talk about it with my mom but she didn't really listened to me, so I decided to write about it here, on my blog. It just seems so right. the surprise that I planned for you will be in my next post.
I will start from the beginning.
Since I woke up I understood it will be a long day. I didn't ate in the morning, my brother pissed me off and I was really upset.
I was upset bc my grade have a Trip Field Training this sunday but I can't go to this trip bc I had a knee surgery and the doc don't want me to stretch my knees. I was really sad bc this is not the first time that my health prevents me to do something- for example, this is the third year that I don't פarticipate in sports.
In the afternoon I got back two tests, 91 in english and 95 in math. I don't think this is a bad grades but I know I could get more...
all this day was so terrible that even chocolate not helped.
In days like this I can't stop thinking what happened if I stayed in the city that I lived before I moved to where I am now, I had so many friends there, does it was different or the same?. But this is not important now, I know that I need 2 focus on the present.
I really thankful that I have my place to write down what I feel without criticizing me, and now I feel a lot better- tip from me for bad days: talk about them or write what happened or how are you feel, it will help you calm down.
Anyways I hope I will post my surprise in the next days... love you<3

Saturday, 1 October 2016

So... I'm back! And it's Autumn already!

Hi everyone, im back!
Its been a while since I posted on the blog but its not bc I forgot to write or didn't want, its because I was realy busy with the school and all but now I have some free time to write😀
Im happy to say that I had a great time in school. See all my friends and just have fun with them maked me so glad 2 come back to school👍
Today is the first day of October, which means that its Autumn already, which means that its almost winter, which is my favorite season!🍂❄
Annnd it all means that the holidays are coming!🎉🎊🎉
And my B-DAY too...☺
I hope that I will have more free time soon to write, i try realy hard to post as much as I can❤
And in the next post will be a surprise for you!
Stay tuned for more🎈

Friday, 2 September 2016

Back to school!

Few days ago I went back to school...
It was pretty good and funny, even though the school is started.
I was very excited because one, I saw all my friend after a long time (two and a half months) and two, because my class removed from a very old building to a very new building with a new conditioner, chairs and tables:-)
For some people the first day of school is a nightmare, but for me its one of the most exciting days, its the beginning of a new year, friends and great moments.
But, new beginning is some times can be really hard and stressful, so remember, sometimes you just need one good friend to see all the good things that you have.❤
Have a great year!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Hi, my name is magnipic  :)
I really like to take pictures, this is one of my passions to shoot all the beautiful things the world has to offer me. I think there is so many perfect moments in life that we just have to photograph. With the photos we can remember beautifull places, events, nature and people that will always be in our heart.
Baside that I think there is beauty everywhere, you just need to be brave enough to open your eyes.
I'm a wormbook too, I really like to read books, spacialy Percy Jackson's series and I'm officially potterhead. ^_^
In my blog I will upload few times a week a story from my life, tutorials, photos that I took and more!!!
For now here a few photos, that for now are my fav!  :)
see you next time!